Friday, November 19, 2010

Pride May Stem From the Inability to Seperate Shit From Shinola.

Upon the return of the queen to her castle, Gertie the Photographer hovered around me long enough to tell me her life story with great gusto and pride. She named all of her professional achievement awards, how much her clients just loved their sessions, the magazines covers she had shot, and finally, a thirty minute diatribe about the complexities of microscopic photography. She asked my four times where I went to school. She informed me that one could receive a PhD in the humanities if one were so inclined, or so she had heard. She asked me why I did not have a PhD in Photography. She marveled over the idea that I would willing teach my theorectical students archaic black and white darkroom technique when there is so much color in the world. I wordlessly worked on correcting the editing errors left by the last person that had been assigned to my job. The owner then proceed to jam a jump drive into my computer, close the files I was working on and bring up images from her commercial experience. This consisted of a sole photo of a "lawyer in a "library". The background was nothing more than a venetian blind highlighted orange by a colored studio light. I thought to myself , "Hey! That's what my 4th grade yearbook photo looked like!"

I chose green for my background, though.

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