Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gertie's Nuggets of Wisdom

1. Parents don't like to order black and white photographs. They grew up in the time before color photography was invented so they are tired of that. Subsequently, they only order color prints.

2. People looking to find an new apartment will tend not to move in the winter months. It's not really because of the inclement weather, rather, it's because no one wants to move their Christmas trees and decorations.

3. Relatives like personalized gifts. For example, I bought my grown
daughter a propane heater for Christmas. Who doesn't like heat?

4. I greet people with the same friendly saying every single morning. "Good to see so many smiling faces!" My husband says that's it's getting old and it would be nice if I came up with something new, but you just can't argue with tradition.

5. I employ homeless people to do odd jobs. I figure if they are going to linger out on the sidewalk doing nothing, I might as well put a broom in their hand and set them to cleaning! Then I throw them a couple of bucks and you know, a loyal employee keeps coming back!

6. I like to play non-stop Christmas music for my clients during the holidays. I know that they can hear it most everywhere else, but I just feel like when they come in to shoot engagement portraits and Bing Crosby is singing, they get all warm and fuzzy inside and look at each other with googly eyes. It's a special thing for them.

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